If you are 7 - 24 years old, if you care about the future of the planet we are living on, if you like to share your ideas on the sustainable development of our world. you might just be the person we've been looking for.

Pick a cause that matters to you, make a video clip, or create an illustration, or write an article that shows your idea on how a sustainable world should be built.

Submit your work to SDGs@cifalhubei.org We will highlight some of your works in our website, WeChat and Instagram account

Ideas Worth Sharing
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On April 22, 2022 - International Mother Earth Day, the students of Wuhan future experimental foreign languages school cooperated with CIFAL Hubei to express awe, respect and love to mother earth in the form of painting.

Why we need to save water
by Shangxin YANG

Less than 1% of water which supports most of the forms of life we are familiar with. Unfortunately, that 1% of fresh water becomes more polluted every year. Luckily, we still have chance to make a difference. If everyone does just a little bit we can change the world to a better place for all.

Take actions from planting a tree installing low-flow shower heads and applications. influence our neighbours by our behaviour and let more and more people care for our motherland caring for our earth. All of us join together with our heart and efforts, More blue sky, cleaner water, peaceful world that would not be a dream.

Our Planet
by Yuhan XIAO
Garbage Disposal
by Ziyue YANG

With the development of economy and society , human’s  activities have brought more and more serious damage to Earth, and above all, they also bring harm to our own survival. At present, environmental protection has become an important topic in the global scope.

International Mother Earth Day
by Wuhan Future Experimental Foreign Languages School
My Dream
International Children's Day
by Wuhan Future Experimental Foreign Languages School
On the international children's day, the students from Wuhan Future Experimental Foreign Languages School expressed their longing for a better future. Dreaming of a sustainable world and a peaceful future.